Remember everything.

Get organized.

Meet Lifester, your life insurance brainstorming team.

All the tools you need to collaborate on projects to better understand, present and discuss life insurance.

Be You Times 2

Clone yourself by allowing invited guests watch you deliver instructional videos, recorded webinars, and related digital materials, 24x7 about your favorite life insurance products and strategies. It's you, times two!


Learn from Others

Share Projects with other insurance professionals who focus on a different area of expertise. Or browse through trending Lifester posts to find relevant public Projects you can join.


Think as a Team

Team users create teams of unlimited size. Set up a private label team page with custom url that aggregates and categorizes all posts of team members. Chat live with team members. Share messages, files and assign to-do's.


Spread the Word

Post about your Projects and other industry issues on your personal Lifester page. Express your opinions, draw attention to your unique business services and grow your business.

Chris Jacob, CFP

And the Envelope Please...

"Lifester is a game changer for our practice, and I believe it will be for the industry. Imagine Slack, Trello and Dropbox all in one for your specific marketing and insurance needs.

This program solution allows us to communicate a wealth of material easily and can be narrowed or broadened depending on the target audience. We are just touching the tip of the iceberg and already we are having great success!"

The advantages are limited only by your imagination!


Decision Making

Share ideas and express opinions about life insurance products and strategies.



Create engaging courses to communicate new products and sales strategies.



Post about your Projects and attract users to your Lifester page and Projects.



Use as interactive presentation tool to engage and nurture prospects any time.