Remember everything.

Get organized.

Meet Lifester, your professional brainstorming team.

All the tools you need to engage with teams of professionals, communicate privately and efficiently, share work product, and discuss interactive projects for creative idea sharing and productivity growth.

Be You Times Two

Lifester improves productivity between two people, small groups, or an entire organization, by facilitating communica- tion, encouraging feedback, and fostering creativity -- often leading to better ideas and an enhanced bottom line.


Think as a Team

Create any number of teams for any number of reasons. Each team has its own automatically generated group chat space. Shares messages, voice, files and tasks -- all in real time. Don't rely upon messy email threads to multiple parties. Team up with Lifester.


Share Projects

Build engaging Projects that contain embedded videos, charts, spreadsheets, pdf files and more. Then invite select individuals to view and interact, or distribute to the general public to promote your business and services.


Organize Docs

Store, manage and share sensitive documents in your own super secure data room. Create folders. Drag and drop files. Share password protected links. Keep audit trails. Revoke access.

Chris Jacob, CFP

And the Envelope Please...

"Lifester is a game changer for our practice, and I believe it will be for most professionals. Like Slack, we communicate using teams, but we create unlimited group chat spaces for as many teams as we like. And we get voice with transcription, a secure data vault to store and share sensitive documents, and so much more.

We can even promote our ideas using Projects that can be shared with a closed community or the entire industry. We are just touching the tip of the iceberg and already we are having great success!"

Because "knowledge" is the new killer app.


Create Teams

Create unlimited teams and beginning collaborating with different groups of professionals.


Build Projects

Easily build interactive web pages with embedded video and files called Projects.


Invite Others

Share your Projects with just a few key advisors or the entire industry.


Post Opinions

Post about your Projects or just share your thoughts on your own personal Lifester page.