Lifester is a project-based online decision-making platform that facilitates the delivery of life insurance recommendations. Invite family, friends and personal advisors for feedback. We realize getting the best life insurance plans and quotes is no easy task. 

What's Lifester?, by Lifester Corporation, is an insurance decision-making platform that offers simple, yet effective ways to learn, share and make educated decisions about life insurance products and strategies.

Consumers play an active role: first, selecting producers from an extensive online directory or inviting their own into the Lifester community; then, co-building "Client Projects" that become the foundation for their insurance recommendations; and finally, inviting family, close friends and personal advisors to join the team and provide critical feedback. The result of this online collaborative effort is a highly efficient and dynamic sales process that sources ideas from all interested parties for the purpose of benefiting the consumer.

"Marketing Projects" can also be designed by producers, wholesalers, concept providers and even carriers that form "Lifester Groups" to promote their own unique set of services, products and strategies. These Projects can be distributed by email invitation to specific producers or made available to Lifester members who browse community galleries. Unlike email, they are engaging, interactive, and never get lost. Groups can promote live Marketing Projects in their Group Profile page, or save them as templates to be used by Producer Members as building blocks for new Projects they create for Consumers.

Best life Insurance policies?

“By including the life insurance producer as part of the decision-making model, consumers can take advantage of the full array of fixed life insurance products. This makes Lifester a constructive technology rather than a disruptive one.”
- Lifester Founder & CEO, Robert Strauss, J.D.

Why Lifester?

Lifester marries the best of technology, social media and traditional life insurance sales and marketing techniques, respecting and even enhancing the critical role of the producer, rather than eliminating the middleman. In that sense, Lifester is a constructive technology, rather than a disruptive one. It is efficient, inclusive and additive.

Lifester is free to consumers, as well as the friends, family members and personal advisors they invite. Producers can also join for free, or upgrade any time to enjoy the many additional benefits of paid membership. Groups pay a monthly fee to create interactive Projects as a way to promote their products, strategies and services to producers. Lifester is unique in that Projects are used to invite opinions and source ideas, leading to better decisions and more effective "Feedback Marketing".


Our Team

Lifester Corporation is an independent, privately owned company launched in 2016 by Founder and CEO Robert Strauss, J.D. and Co-Founder and COO Jason Denker. Mr. Strauss, inventor of Lifester and other award-winning industry innovations, is an experienced insurance consultant, attorney and graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Denker is a graduate of the University of Michigan and also an insurance consultant with an extensive Wall Street and venture capital background. CMO Peter Saridakis brings years of B2C and B2B experience coming from leading global brands, VC, social media startups and software companies.  He is a graduate of NYU's Stern School of Business.

Because of their years spent in the insurance industry, Strauss and Denker appreciate that almost all consumers are beginning their search for life insurance online. However, they understand that it is not possible to make suitable decisions about cash value life insurance without direct interaction with licensed life insurance producers and proper feedback from important family members and personal advisors. As a result, they created Lifester to serve as a way to gather and share ideas in order to facilitate critical life insurance buying decisions.

"We knew it was time to introduce internet and social-media based technology to complex life insurance decisions," says Strauss. "Our goal is not to sell life insurance online and certainly not to cut out any advisors. On the contrary, we believe the trained life insurance producer is critically important to the sales process, and the purpose of Lifester is to facilitate communication and understanding between the producer, the consumer and all other interested parties."

"Lifester Projects are like virtual conference rooms. They bring together consumers, producers and invited team members so everyone can chime in and get the information they need, whenever they want."
- Lifester Co-Founder, Jason Denker

Legal Stuff

Never buy life insurance without the advice and supervision of a well-qualified and properly licensed life insurance agent. In addition, if the transaction involves tax or other legal matters, be sure to consult an attorney or other tax professional.

Lifester is simply a means of sharing complex life insurance ideas and information between interested parties and amongst insurance professionals. It is a virtual conference room for meeting and making decisions about life insurance.

Lifester does not sell or offer any kind of security or life insurance product, including fixed or variable life insurance of any kind, nor does it share, directly or indirectly in any commissions. In addition. Lifester provides no life insurance, tax, investment or legal advice, educational or otherwise. Lifester specifically prohibits securities or variable life insurance to be presented as the subject of any project. Only fixed life insurance strategies or products that may be sold by a licensed life insurance producer may be the subject of any Lifester project discussion.

Every project is assigned to a life insurance agent, actively licensed in the insured's resident state, covered by an active Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance Policy. No rewards of any kind can be offered by any consumer or producer in exchange for premium assistance, gifts or any consideration of any sort. Only ideas are exchanged on Lifester, as they would be shared freely in a conference room if all the decision-makers were attending together.


For the Press

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