Lifester is the communication and brainstorming platform preferred by financial planning, accounting and legal professionals who need to share ideas and information 24x7 with different teams of people, quickly and easily - whenever inspiration strikes. 

What's Lifester?

Lifester is a team-based communication platform that allows professionals who are working together on a case or deal or opportunity of any sort, to share information asynchronously, any time of day or night, whenever inspiration strikes.

Live events, webinars and even phone calls are synchronous, meaning at least two parties must be present at the same time. That often means delay, particularly when multiple parties need to attend. Synchronous meetings can be productive, but true collaboration means sharing ideas in any format - text, voice, todo's or files - with any team member or group of team members at any time.

Unlike other group chat rooms, Lifester allows you to create unlimited teams, each with their own team chat space. Invite different team members for different purposes. Create projects that promote your ideas or your business or services, and share those projects using shareable links.

Store sensitive files securely in your own highly secure data room. Access is protected using two-factor authentication. Create your own role-based permissions for users you invite. Share folders and files by creating password-protected links. Unlike email, Lifester messages are reliable, organized and easily searched.

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Lifester connects. It physically connects you to each of your teams and each of the team members on those teams. And it also makes everyone feel connected to one another. And that has a much bigger impact on business than just better messaging.

Why Lifester?

When you call someone on the phone or send an email, you are stepping into their space. You can't call or email too often.

When team members connect with Lifester, they are encouraged to share ideas using text messages, voice messages, shared files and assigned ToDos. Because no one owns the team chat space, no one's space is intruded upon. With Lifester, you don't just communicate to get a reply. You communicate to express a thought.

So the value of Lifester is that it generates something other than a response. It encourages creative thinking for teams of professionals who wish to strategize about cases, deals, business decisions, marketing, and sales.

Lifester includes many useful features in addition to group chat, secure file sharing and projects. Each team member receives a posting page or Personal Lifeline to share opinions with the industry and link to projects. In addition, each team has its own Team Page that displays the categorized posts of its members.

Legal Stuff

Lifester is intended to be used as a communications and information sharing platform for various types of professionals and small business owners. Lifester does not crowdfund or otherwise raise money or assist in raising money or get compensated directly or indirectly for raising any kind of investment monies for any party.

Lifester does not offer any kind of advice such as tax advice or investment advice. Any recommendations that occur on the Lifester platform are made by the respective users of Lifester. Lifester takes absolutely no responsibility for any of the content discussed.

Lifester believes in privacy. Not only do we make every effort to protect the information users store on our site, such as requiring the use of two-factor authentication when storing sensitive information, but we do not troll content or account information at all, nor would we ever use computer algorithms to do the same. Your information is private and belongs to you. The only exception is that we may access your data simply to maintain it on your behalf, i.e., create backups and so forth.



For the Press

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