Making your best
life insurance plan

Create a Project

Begin your quest for a highly personalized, free life insurance recommendation by Starting a Project. Just answer a few online questions. It's that easy to get started. Make it your best life insurance decision!

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Find a Producer

This will be your agent. You may invite your own agent to join you on Lifester or search the Producer Directory to select the professional of your choice to work with on your life insurance plan.

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Add to Your Team

Invite family, close friends, personal advisors or anyone whose opinion you value to join your Project. They can ask questions, comment, offer private suggestions, and even use real-time conversations.

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Life Insurance Recommendations


Based on the facts you provide, your agent will create a detailed life insurance recommendation that is presented to you and the rest of your team in the form of a multimedia, online, interactive Project.

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Because Projects are interactive and are shared with team members who have your best interest in mind, their feedback allows you to better vet these proposed products and strategies and request updates as appropriate.

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Decision Making

The result of Lifester's team-based, project-oriented approach is improved transparency leading to the best life insurance plan, not just a quote.

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Best of Both Worlds

Lifester offers Consumers the advantage of 24x7, efficient, online life insurance technology, but adds the human element of a dedicated life insurance professional offering personalized recommendations.

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How Consumers Move Forward

It's easy for Consumers to get started. Lifester is free. Just sign up, start a Project, choose an agent, or invite your own. You'll be guided through the entire recommendation and decision-making process.

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How Producers Move Forward

Lifester is powerful, user-friendly and cost-effective. Sign up today for the plan that best fits your needs. Then begin turning your case proposals into engaging, team-based, digital Projects.

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