Making your best
life insurance plan

Create a Project

First, easily create single, scrollable, web-based life insurance presentations by pointing, clicking and embedding video, images, text, brochures and any digital content, in any order you like, to tell the most engaging stories possible.

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Create Your Team

Then invite Producers, Project Members and even Consumers to share ideas and complete tasks.

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Collaborate with Everyone

Communicate with team members using project-specific live group chat, and stay focused with Updates, ToDo's and Milestones.

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Life Insurance Recommendations

Promote Your Project

Enterprise users can create interactive Educational Projects to discuss life insurance products, services and strategies with colleagues, and promote them using links.

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Potential Applications

Use Lifester for training, marketing, project management, sales, product development, underwriting, or any other purpose that requires the exchange of information, ideas and thoughts about insurance.

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Making the Right Decision

Lifester promotes better decision-making because Lifester taps into the minds and talents of the entire team, all of whom are encouraged to offer feedback using built-in communication channels.

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Speed Up Sales

Use Lifester to present to your clients, organize information and interact quickly with family members and key advisors.

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Education and Training

Use Lifester as an interactive educational or training platform with different Projects set up as different classes.

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Marketing and Group Announcements

Lifester is the most engaging way to communicate life insurance ideas to life insurance professionals. Unlike static email, Lifester Projects are interactive, using real-time chat and other powerful collaboration tools.

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