Steps for Creating a Successful Project

1Invite an Agent

Invite a professional life insurance agent to help you implement your goals and objectives, efficiently and effectively. Your producer will be your insurance planning expert, project coach, and Lifester guide.

If you are already working with an agent, you can easily invite him or her to join your Lifester Project. If you don't have an agent, simply visit the Lifester Producer Directory to review detailed Producer Profiles and decide who may be right for you.

2Tell Your Story

Tell your story on the information tab. The information you provide will not be published. Rather, it will be used by your life insurance professional to formulate a strategy. Explain why you are considering the purchase of life insurance and outline your basic needs.

As you work with the life insurance producer you select, you may be asked to answer additional questions. You can communicate directly with your agent using built-in video conferencing, real-time conversations and other messaging tools.

3Get Your Recommendation

Instead of impersonal quick quotes or lengthy life insurance proposals, at Lifester, a no-pressure agent will offer you personalized solutions and recommendations in the form of engaging, multimedia Projects.

In addition to strategy summaries, answers to FAQ and uploaded visuals, Projects typically contain video explanations to help all interested parties better understand the recommended strategy. Importantly, Projects combine the advantages of 24x7 online technology with the human element of a dedicated life insurance professional.

4Share for Feedback

Recommendations from Lifester agents are different from all others because they are meant to be shared with family, friends and personal advisors. Invite those people whose opinions you value the most to view your Project, analyze the easily accessible information, and offer their honest feedback in the form of team comments, private suggestions and real-time conversations.

Projects can and should be updated based on this feedback, helping you arrive at the best possible decision. When you're ready to move forward, just press the 'I Approve' button. At all times, you're in control.

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